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Full-Service Mental Health Treatment & Counseling Center in Miami, Florida.

The Miami Counseling Center, Restoring Minds, is a full-service mental health treatment center providing psychological services for a wide range of mental health, emotional, behavioral and relationship issues. At Restoring Minds Counseling Services, we provide a warm and inviting environment that focuses on improving the lives of individuals and family in need of help with depression, anxiety, anger management and other emotional problems.

We believe in not just addressing the emotional, but the physical and spiritual needs of the individual and their family. Depression, anxiety, and anger affect not only you but all those around you! Our goal is to provide a life-changing experience that will help you cope and develop better communication skills, promote individual and family changes which lead to metal and spiritual growth and development. We offer individual, group and family counseling therapy for adolescents, adults, veterans and the senior population. Call us so we can help.

Depression Help

Do you experience feelings of hopelessness? Are you unable to sleep or sleep too much? Have you lost interest in doing things that you once enjoyed? If you answered yes to any of these symptoms then you might be suffering from depression and we can help you improve your life.

Anxiety Treatment

Do you find yourself worrying excessively? Are you easily fatigued, experiencing muscle tension and have difficulty concentrating? You might be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Treating anxiety disorder is one of our specialty areas. Start living a better life; contact us today.

Anger Management

If you are one of many who easily gets agitated, feeling frustrated and emotionally hurt by others? Does this frustration build to the point where you want to scream or even throw things? This might be described as uncontrolled anger. Let us help you deal with this anger; call us today.